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Introducing Fleet Planner’s Toolbox Talks – a series of discussion guides that are available for free download. These guides are designed to assist you in providing your drivers with the necessary information and skills to maintain their safety while at work. 

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A Toolbox Talk is a brief presentation to employees focused on a specific aspect of conduct, rules, regulations or health and safety. The talks can be delivered in various formats such as video, PowerPoint presentation or a PDF. These talks are intended to take approx. 15 to 20 minutes and can be conveniently added to regular team meetings or safety briefings. By keeping the talks brief and focused on a single topic, drivers are more likely to remember and implement the safety guidelines. 



When delivering a Toolbox Talk, it’s important to remember that there is no universal approach that will work for everyone. Instead, tailor your communication style to accommodate the audience in attendance. For example, new team members may require more information, while experienced drivers may prefer a concise discussion. However, as long as the key points are conveyed effectively, the talk can be deemed a success. 

  • Beforehand, organise the content you’ll discuss and gather any necessary materials. This may include Fleet Planner’s Toolbox Talk pdf, videos or any other relevant documents. When possible, utilise visual examples and real equipment to effectively convey the information.
  • Help your drivers connect with the topic you’re discussing by explaining why you’re conducting a Toolbox Talk.
  • Ensure you understand the subject yourself and encourage your drivers to participate by asking them questions relating to the specific topic.
  • To maximise the effectiveness of the Toolbox Talk, ensure that you are in a learning-friendly environment, free from interruptions or distractions.
  • Conclude the talk with a summary to reinforce the key points discussed.
  • Always ensure you keep a record of the subject discussed and list of attendees.
  • Ask for feedback.