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Fleet Planner is a simple and powerful way to help manage your fleet of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), public service vehicles (PSVs) and vans. With our mobile app, your drivers quickly and easily conduct their daily vehicle walk-around checks in compliance with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) safety requirements. No more need for paper since can easily conduct daily checks using an intuitive checklist. The daily checks are logged on our server and are accessible by fleet managers via a simple, user-friendly Dashboard. Fleet managers can also easily log inspections, schedule maintenance and update vehicle records. Timely email notifications let you know when inspections and maintenance is due with an option to print out a planner.

Automated Daily Checks

No more need to conduct daily checks using a paper checklist. Automate your daily fleet checks with mobile app. The app comes with a checklist that drivers use to quickly conduct their daily checks.

Schedule Maintenance & Inspections

Close the loop between walkaround checks, reporting defects and issue resolution. Fleet Managers can see the driver's walkaround report immediately and schedule maintenance.

Event Logs & Reports

Once a defect is closed, you can view historical event logs. Save time and space by storing all documents in “the cloud”. All managers can quickly access logs and reports which enhances transparency.


Paperless Vehicle Walkaround Daily Checks

Forget manual paper checklists. Our mobile app automates the vehicle daily check. Our mobile application replaces the daily paper walk around checklist. The entire checklist is built into the app and ensures compliance with the DVSA requirement to carry out at least one walkaround check of the whole vehicle every 24 hours, before you drive it.

Mobile App for Drivers

Your drivers save time by using our mobile app to conduct their daily checks. Drivers log in using the company code and can select their vehicle. The app comes with an easy to use checklist to ensure drivers don't miss out on anything. Drivers enter any defects noted in real- time. The Fleet Manager can immediately see the logged defects, schedule maintenance and assign the job to a staff member.

Events Log

Once an event is addressed and closed, it is accessible via the Events Log. This allows the Fleet Manager to quickly see recurring problems and also identify if there are any drivers on the team that have an above average record of vehicle issues.

Vehicle Log Storage

With Fleet Planner, you no longer need to keep printing all emails and electronic communication sent by Vehicle Services. These records and logs are easily retrievable from our Cloud Storage and you can easy download all documents.

Ask an Expert

With this feature, users can ask an experience Transport Manager questions by sending a recorded video. The Transport Manager can examine the question and also send a detailed response.

Web Profile

Users can also build mini profiles on the application complete with your company logo and profile. This mini profile can be used a website.

per year
Wasted time
by driver in month

Get more done

Company with 10 vehicles and 10 drivers waste £1335 per year to do paperwork for vehicle daily check and 6 hours per month to deliver this documents to your office.

FleetPlanner Paperless Vehicle Checks

Daily walkaround checks, Defect Reporting, Fleet Maintenance Solution and Compliance Management

A simple and powerful way to help manage your fleet of heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), public service vehicles (PSVs) and vans

Paperless Daily Checks

Eliminate daily paper walk around checks.

User Friendly

Clean design, lightweight & easily customizable.

Mobile App

A mobile app for drivers to automate daily walk around checks.

Cloud Storage

Store and retrieve logs and records from our Cloud Storage service.

Ask an Expert

Ask questions and get insights from an experienced Transport Manager.

Mini Profiles

Create a mini profile and use it as a website.