Automatic Tachograph Downloading 

Automatic remote tachograph downloading, a quick and easy solution to staying compliant.

Tacho download

Save time and stay compliant 

Tachograph data must be downloaded at least once every 90 days and driver card data – once every 28 days. Failing to comply with these rules and regulations may result in considerable fines. Why not to do it automatically to save time and stay compliant?

Why should you use our automatic Downloading?

Simple solution to a recurring problem

Perfect for businesses of all sizes

Automatic downloading does not require direct access to the vehicle and can be completed when your vehicle is on the road. Data can be downloaded flexibly anytime from anywhere (all European countries) automatically without driver intervention.

Automatic downloading for vehicle and driver data

Have you been worrying about downloading the vehicle or driver tachograph data on time? With our device fitted to the vehicle, the data will be downloaded automatically when the card is inserted into the tachograph VU.

No extra fees for SIM cards

SIM card fees are included in our prices. It is a simple fit and drive solution.

It is not as complicated as it looks

A simple device to solve a recurring problem- VDO DL4G

£280.00 + VAT

£3.50 + VAT per month

Automatic downloading of tachograph data


The vehicle and driver’s tachograph data will be automatically downloaded directly from the vehicle tachograph remotely. This removes the need for you to manually download tachograph data for analysis, and be in the vehicle to track and access the data; saving time and increasing fleet efficiency.

The device transfers the data via a mobile network (2G/3G/4G) to a VDO server that you can access securely over the internet, ready for analysing using the VDO Fleet tachograph analysis software. 

  • Easy installation using a quick installation harness cable
  • Reliable 4G connection with fallback to 3G and 2G network
  • Mobile Internet Connection included


Additional tracking devices 

Ultra small OBDII Socket Plug and Track GPS tracker device for vans and cars

Easy connection by OBDII socket. This is a very practical option for fleet management with light commercial vehicles looking for a simple tracking device.

Backup Battery.

SIM card provided by Fleet Planner.

Not suitable for HGVs.

£90.00 + VAT

£12.00 + VAT per month

Small GPS tracker for trailers

Easy connection.

This device is ideal for applications where the location of the vehicle is required to be monitored.

Dimensions 79 x 43 x 12 mm (L x W x H).

SIM card provided by Fleet Planner.

Long Battery life 170 mAh. 24 hours without external power.

£52.00 + VAT

£12.00 + VAT per month

Portable GPS tracking

Plug and Play GPS tracker. This device is plugged into the cigarette lighter power, making this very easy to install and use.

Easy way for tracking of rented or spare vehicles.

SIM card provided by Fleet Planner.

Internal battery included.

£69.00 + VAT

£12.00 + VAT per month

Are you unsure about which device will suit you?

If you are unsure about what devices would best suit your business requirements, then we can offer in depth advice based on budget, operations and your needs.

Other Tachograph Downloading Devices

VDO DLK Pro S Download Key

Convenient and practical solution for downloading and archiving digital and smart tachograph mass memory and driver card data.

It features a 6 pin serial interface, which is compatible with all digital tachographs, and a USB 2.0 high-speed interface for transferring data quickly to a PC.

Does not require a separate power supply so it is always ready for use in vehicles and with PCs.

Colour 2.2-inch display.

Includes download reminder function, download status and history, charge level and memory capacity display.




£280.00 + VAT

Digidown Plus

Built-in Card Reader. Downloads any tachograph card directly without the need for a company card. Also downloads Driver Cards inserted in your tachograph.

Easy to use. Integrated buttons to select your required download and LEDs to show progress.

Long battery life. More than 2,000 card downloads with two AA batteries (included). No batteries needed for downloading from tachographs.

Removable Memory Card. Great for storage, sending back to base or retention as evidence

USB Connection. Connects directly to your PC’s USB port for easy file transfer.

Robust. Designed to last.

£180.00 + VAT


Easy to use. Integrated buttons to select your required download and LEDs to show progress.

Driver cards. Downloads driver cards inserted in your tachograph.

Removable Memory Card. Great for storage, sending back to base or retention as evidence.

USB Connection. Connects directly to your PC’s USB port for easy file transfer.

Robust. Designed to last.

£150.00 + VAT

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Fleet Planner is a simple and powerful tool to help manage your fleet of vehicles. With our mobile app, your drivers can quickly and easily conduct their daily vehicle walkaround checks in compliance with the DVSA safety requirements and FORS Accreditation. You can also schedule events, weekly reminders and keep your 6-month planner all in one place. This tool is a quick and easy way to stay compliant with your Operator’s Licence requirements.

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