Operator’s Licence Application Support

About Operator Licensing

A Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence is required if you wish to carry goods in connection with your business using vehicles or vehicle and trailer combinations with a Gross Plated Weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes; or an unladen weight of more than 1,525 kg (where there is no plated weight).

You do NOT require an Operator’s Licence if your trailer’s unladen weight is less than 1,020 kg and you only carry your own goods.

Additionally, for journeys within the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland you are required to obtain an Operator’s Licence if you wish to operate vehicles or vehicle and trailer combinations with Gross Train Weight over 2.5 tonnes for hire and reward.

Restricted Licence

A restricted licence allows operators to carry their own goods, including goods they have produced as well as raw materials for processing. This applies both for UK and international journeys. 

Standard National Licence

A standard national licence allows operators to carry their own goods in the UK, and abroad and goods for hire and reward within the UK only. 

Standard International Licence

A standard international licence allows operators to carry their own goods, and goods for hire and reward both in the UK and on international journeys. 

Why people choose us?

We deliver peace of mind for our clients

Fast Results

Our team prepares applications daily, therefore they know how to make the process as quick as possible and in the correct format. We can have your application ready within 24 hours.

Set Fees

All our fees are clearly outlined during free initial consultation, no extra fees for interim licence preparation and for liaising with the Traffic Commissioner on your behalf.

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants have extensive experience in applying for Operator’s Licences. We know how to keep this process on track, verify information and identify any problems that may occur.

Friendly Service

We know how important it is to keep communication clear and effective. We will contact you via phone, SMS and email.

It is all about knowledge and time

We present two ways you can follow to obtain an Operator’s Licence for your business

Using Fleet Planner support

Free initial consultation 
Our consultant will ask questions about your business, how you intend to operate and will guide you through the different licence types and which one may be applicable to you. They can then explain the different requirements and what you need to organise before applying. This includes advice about acceptable Operating Centre locations, financial standing, maintenance provider and more.

During the consultation you will find out about all the different licence types, requirements, time-scales, the process and all fees involved

Time spent approx. 30 minutes.

Information Request 
You will receive a two-page form to complete requesting basic information including company details, licence requirements and your fleet maintenance provider. Our consultant will verify all this information and inform you if there are any discrepancies or any issues that may arise.

Time spent approx. 15 minutes

Application Submission
We will arrange a call with your business repressive to submit the application and explain the next steps in the process as you wait for a response from the Traffic Commissioner.

Time spent approx. 15 minutes.

Licence Grant 
Once your Operator’s Licence is granted for your company you will be required to make the final payment to the Traffic Commissioner. This is required in order to start operating.

Time spent approx. 10 minutes.

Compliance Set-up 
Once you have had licence granted for your business our consultant will schedule a compliance set-up meeting with you. Here, our consultant will explain all the different measures and procedures to have in place so that you stay compliant and you don’t lose your licence. This includes Drivers’ Hours Rules, Daily Walkaround checks, record keeping, your OCRS score and more.

Time spent approx. 1 hour.

Total time spent

With a Fleet Planner consultant you will need to allocate approx. 2 hours of your time to apply for an Operator’s Licence.

Our consultants will validate the information provided by you, prepare your application and organise a public notice on your behalf. We will ensure all letters and correspondence from the Traffic Commissioner are responded to in a timely manner.

The Traffic Commissioner will aim to review your application and make a decision within approx. 7 weeks.


“Great care and service, very detailed Initial introduction , continued support and direction and always willing to respond to an email or call and update or provide answers to relevant queries.
Excellent service would definitely recommend.”

Tariq Din, Sales and Operations Director, Storescot Ltd

Doing it yourself

Research and choose the right Operator’s Licence type
There are three different types of Operator’s Licence which depend on your business type.

  • Restricted Licence
  • Standard National Licence
  • Standard International licence

Restricted Licence – Allowing individuals or businesses to transport their own goods or in connection with their own business. This type of licence excludes the opportunity to provide transport services!

Standard National – Includes operation of restricted licence but also allows one to provide domestic transport services. You should apply for this licence if you want to provide transport services.

Standard International – Allows international transport as well as benefits of the national and restricted licences.

Please note that Standard Operator’s Licences require a Transport Manager to be listed on the application, and they are required to show a higher level of financial standing than if you are applying for Restricted Licence. Make sure you are clear whether you are carrying your own goods or other people’s for hire and reward before you decide what licence to apply for.

Time spent approx. 2 hours

Operating Centre and Public Notice
You will need to organise a location where your company will park their vehicle(s) when they are not in use, this is called an Operating Centre. There is also a legal requirement to issue a Public Notice in the correct newspaper within the vicinity of your Operating Centre. If this notice is issued in the incorrect format or too late your application could be refused.

You can apply for more than one operating centre on your Operator’s Licence as long as they are located in the same traffic area. If the operating centres are located in different traffic areas separate applications will be required. The operating centre you choose needs to be approved by the Traffic Commissioner before it can be used as a parking facility for your vehicle. In order to get that approval you need to place a public notice within 21 days of your application in the correct local newspaper. It is very important to issue the public notice with correct wording and in the correct time-frame, otherwise it won’t be accepted by the Traffic Commissioner.

You must ensure you do not miss any deadlines and it is in the correct format

Time spent approx. 2 hours.

Financial Standing
Your company will be required to produce evidence of the required financial standing to support your application for the licence type you are applying for.

The minimum financial standing requirements are published by the Traffic Commissioner every year. There is a significant difference in the minimum requirements for Restricted and for Standard Licences. The full requirements are explained in Senior Traffic Commissioner’s statutory guidance where you can find alternative ways to meet the financial standing requirements.

If you submit a bank statement in the wrong format your application may be refused.

Time spent approx. 30 minutes.

Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
Vehicle operators are required to keep their vehicles in safe and roadworthy condition and the Traffic Commissioner needs to be satisfied that this condition is continuously met.

In order to achieve this the operator needs to appoint a maintenance provider. This can be external workshop or internal qualified person. You will need to declare that proper maintenance facilities and a written contract for it are in place. The vehicles will need to be regularly inspected and records for those inspections kept on file in order for you to remain compliant.

Time spent approx. 1 hour.

Transport Manager
Applicants for Standard Licences will need to demonstrate professional competence in road haulage. For this you will require the Transport Manager CPC qualification (Certificate of Professional Competence). This can be an external Transport Manager who is nominated on your licence, or yourself if you have the correct qualifications.

This is not the same as driver CPC so please do not confuse those two qualifications as driver CPC will not suffice for the Operator’s Licence application. The Transport Manager CPC is obtained through examination or through acquired rights for people who have been in charge of fleets before the qualification was brought in. Business owners, directors or employees can hold this qualification and therefore be named as the transport manager on an Operator’s Licence. If you are applying for an International Licence please ensure you find a Transport Manager with an International CPC.

Please ensure that you allocate a Transport Manager with the correct certifications

Time spent appx. 2 hours.

Application Preparation
To apply for an Operator’s Licence your business will be required to create an account on the Traffic Commissioners website, where you will complete the application and upload the relevant documentation. Please be aware that applications for Standard Licences will require the nominated Transport Manager hired by your company to complete their sections of the application correctly.

You must ensure you complete an application for the type of licence you require

Time spent approx. 2 hours.

Application Review and Submission
Review the information provided and the supporting documentation; submit your application online and pay the statutory fees to the Traffic Commissioner.

  • Application fee – £257 payable to the Traffic Commissioner at the point of application.
  • Licence fee – £401 payable to the Traffic Commissioner once the licence is granted.
  • Interim Application fee – £68 you may choose to apply for interim permit which is payable at the point of application

Time spent approx. 1 hour.

Licence Grant 
Once your Operator’s Licence is granted your business will be required to make the final payment to the Traffic Commissioner. This is required in order to start operating.

Time spent approx. 15 minutes.

To ensure that your business retain your Operator’s Licence you must abide by the rules and regulations that govern the transport industry. This means that you must be aware of your responsibility to follow the Drivers’ Hours Rules, carry out daily walkaround checks, keep records and many more.

Time spent approx. 5 hours.

Total time spent

The whole application process when choosing to do it yourself will require you to allocate approx. 16 hours of your time.

It is common for the Traffic Commissioner to request supporting documentation following submission of the licence application. You will be required to ensure all letters and correspondence from the Traffic Commissioner are responded to in a timely manner.

The Traffic Commissioner will aim to review your application and make a decision within approx. 7 weeks.

How can we help you once your licence has been granted

Our Services

Software Solutions

Fleet Planner is a simple and powerful tool to help manage your fleet of vehicles. With our mobile app, your drivers can quickly and easily conduct their daily vehicle walkaround checks in compliance with the DVSA safety requirements and FORS Accreditation. You can also schedule events, weekly reminders and keep your 6-month planner all in one place. This tool is a quick and easy way to stay compliant with your Operator’s Licence requirements.

Audits and Compliance

Audits tailored to your business needs and the Traffic Commissioner’s requests.

FORS Accreditation

Practical and hands on assistance with preparation for the initial FORS Accreditation audit or subsequent annual audits. A library of document templates to assist with management, operations, vehicles and staff requirements.

GPS Tracking and Remote Tachograph Downloading

View your vehicle location in real time, as well as previous journeys to help the business reduce fuel costs and increase productivity from drivers. This includes automatic remote tachograph downloading to save your time.

Operator’s Licence Compliance Management

Remote or on site compliance support to suit your business needs. Bespoke solutions for Restricted, Standard National or International licence operators. Dedicated CPC qualified Transport Manager to monitor and manage your compliance.

Public Inquiry Assistance

Expert advice and support for a DVSA Traffic Enforcement Officer site visit, Preliminary Hearing or Public Inquiry. We can review your current procedures and suggest an implementation of new systems to ensure compliance.